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Junaid Jamshed
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1 Ae Allah Tu Hi Atta Play Ae Allah Tu Hi Atta Download Ae Allah Tu Hi Atta
2 Aei Rasool-E-Amin Play Aei Rasool-E-Amin Download Aei Rasool-E-Amin
3 Aei Taiba Play Aei Taiba Download Aei Taiba
4 Badee-Uz-Zaman Play Badee-Uz-Zaman Download Badee-Uz-Zaman
5 Badr ud Duja Play Badr ud Duja Download Badr ud Duja
6 Bold and Brave Play Bold and Brave Download Bold and Brave
7 Habibi Rasooli English Play Habibi Rasooli English Download Habibi Rasooli English
8 Habibi Rasooli Urdu Play Habibi Rasooli Urdu Download Habibi Rasooli Urdu
9 Hijrat Play Hijrat Download Hijrat
10 jaga ji laganay Play jaga ji laganay Download jaga ji laganay
11 Jalwa-e-Janaan Play Jalwa-e-Janaan Download Jalwa-e-Janaan
12 Kamle Wali Play Kamle Wali Download Kamle Wali
13 Madad Play Madad Download Madad
14 Madinah Ko Jaiye Play Madinah Ko Jaiye Download Madinah Ko Jaiye
15 Meetha Meetha Pyaara Play Meetha Meetha Pyaara Download Meetha Meetha Pyaara
16 Mere Allah Tu Kareem Hai Play Mere Allah Tu Kareem Hai Download Mere Allah Tu Kareem Hai
17 Mere Allah Tu Karim Play Mere Allah Tu Karim Download Mere Allah Tu Karim
18 Mohabbat Kiya HaiMohabbat Kiya Hai Play Mohabbat Kiya HaiMohabbat Kiya Hai Download Mohabbat Kiya HaiMohabbat Kiya Hai
19 Muhammad Ka Roza Play Muhammad Ka Roza Download Muhammad Ka Roza
20 Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab Play Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab Download Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab
21 Multazim Pur Dua Play Multazim Pur Dua Download Multazim Pur Dua
22 Nasab Mubarak Janab Muhammed (PBUH) Play Nasab Mubarak Janab Muhammed (PBUH) Download Nasab Mubarak Janab Muhammed (PBUH)
23 Oh Merciful Play Oh Merciful Download Oh Merciful
24 Qad Af Lahal Play Qad Af Lahal Download Qad Af Lahal
25 Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef Play Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef Download Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef
26 Rahsah Makwa Play Rahsah Makwa Download Rahsah Makwa
27 Tune Pochi Hay Play Tune Pochi Hay Download Tune Pochi Hay
28 Yah Subh-e-Madina Play Yah Subh-e-Madina Download Yah Subh-e-Madina
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